During today’s Xbox Developer Direct, Square Enix made a surprise appearance to pull back the curtains on Visions of Mana, the first new mainline game in the franchise in 15 years. Square Enix also revealed Visions of Mana will hit PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC this summer.

Executive producer Masaru Oyamada discussed the franchise’s history, noting there have been 17 entries across its 30 years of existence. He also points out that what is now the Mana series today actually began as Final Fantasy Adventure in 1991.

Mana series creator Koichi Ishii also joined this segment of the show to discuss how he has supervised the team on its work and implementation of taking what were originally pixelated monsters and converting them into the 3D monsters players will fight in the game.

Notably, Visions of Mana is the first Mana game coming to Xbox. Oyamada expressed Square Enix’s excitement about this first for the series while diving deeper into its real-time action combat. This real-time action combat is what originally separated Final Fantasy Adventure from the Final Fantasy series, which was strictly turn-based at the time.

Visions of Mana’s combat continues to look great, as does its beautifully vibrant world. Unfortunately, there’s still a few months to go until PlayStation, Xbox, and PC players can play it because it’s due out sometime this summer.

While waiting for its release, check out the Visions of Mana announcement trailer from The Game Awards 2023 last month.

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